How to Start an Online T-Shirt Business: Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever desired to put something with a t-shirt but was lacking that special transfer paper? Well, worry you can forget I got you covered. With a few basic items you need to have at home, we’ll transform your basic shirt into a graphic tee in no time.

The custom t shirt can be a reliable solution to spread the word in regard to a business or service. It simply lets people become walking advertisements to spread the word. It is really a useful method to spark conversation and inspire interest from your neighborhood. Brand recognition is important to help an enterprise grow and let potential clients know of a product or service which can be found.

Why it is good: You get to wear familiar brands you love like Under Armour, Nike, American Apparel, The North Face, Gap, Adidas, and much more! They also have this awesome fundraising feature which you could put your shirt/design on the block and raise money for any cause near your heart. Check out more information here.

“My job would have been to take us into Chainsaw 2.0,” says Pat Cassidy, a producer, and agent with Exurbia. “The original guys did a great job managing the rights but aren’t on the internet generation. They didn’t have a Facebook.”

This T-shirt printing method is perfect for printing complex designs and possesses got low setup costs which makes it the very best fit for print-on-demand businesses.

Custom T-Shirt

Benefits of the Custom T-Shirt

Have you ever landed on an apparel website and said in your head, oh exactly what a beautiful website! Most likely, you had been influenced by the attractive models wearing the clothes. Placeit may help you feature beautiful models on your own website and nail that super pro look!

Before you begin to take into consideration designing or printing, plan your budget and quantity accordingly.


Also, something to keep in mind and is worth mentioning is Cricut recommends you prewash your items without any fabric softener prior to deciding to press them.